Papillon Maritime Services, who are we ?

Club Med 2 in a fjord in Norway Meeting at the Footbridge Club Med 2 between the driver and the head of ship security


The PMS Company has been created thanks to the desire of Stephane PAPILLON to share, after 35 years of activity in the civil and military maritime world , his acquired know-how and experience with enterprises working in this area and to help them thanks to his extensive network of contacts in the search for the most suitable provider of services corresponding to their needs. 

After a successful career in the navy commandos Stephane PAPILLON (53 years old) has become a security manager on board cruise ships during 14 years. He was responsible for the overall safety and security of the vessel and its board members as well as its passengers, followed by a nomination as Head of the Maritime Department of the French group, AEDN Services, installed in China and specialized in the provision of services in extremely difficult logistic and maritime security. 

As consultant for the prevention of acts of piracy at sea in a maritime training centre for continuous training, and during his long career he had the opportunity to deal with several piracy threats; Furthermore in 1994 he managed successfully a real piracy attack in the Bougainville strait.

Today, thanks to his independency from organizations and companies involved in maritime safety and security and his broad experience of real situations combined with a great know-how of the maritime business, M. PAPILLON guarantees you an objective analysis of the various technical and human solutions currently suggested.