Your partner in services and placements in the maritime area

Port of Malta (Trades, Cruise and Yachting)

The PMS Company has a large experience and a consequent network of contacts in the quite particular fields of the maritime world. The company is able to answer to your call and to identify quickly the most suitable and the most competitive provider of services corresponding to your needs.

The PMS Company allows you to avoid the traps and the waste of time linked to the multiplicity of proposals not in compliance with your needs made by fancy providers of services for requests concerning various area of concern as the maritime security, the maritime training, placement, research, insurance or finance.

The PMS Company puts you in contact with real professionals eager to meet your specific needs. Our objective is to establish with you a climate of confidence in order to become your preferred interlocutor for all your research and requests corresponding to our scope of activities.

The steps of research and benchmarking carried out by our company allow you to save time thanks to the guarantee to be immediately directed towards the appropriate provider of services. On your request, we will accompany you and we will ensure the follow-up of your customer/provider relationship up to the signature of a contract, the installation or the execution of your project.

The PMS Company provides also jobs and recruitment services for qualified personnel coming from the Merchant or Military navy and for hotel personnel on board cruise ships and yachts.

The PMS Company is at your disposal to conclude successfully any activity you intend to entrust to our care, because customers’ satisfaction is our main priority.